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As homies will be entering into a financial agreement it is important for all parties to review their financial situation and ability to meet their minimum repayments.

It is imperative that you review your ability to meet your current and future obligations should the worse happen or if you suffer losses to your assets or your personal effects.

We have taken some of the hassle out of this for you by partnering with specialists who will be able to assist each homie in seeking adequate cover to protect you and your homies for the life of the loan and beyond.

For more information on insurance some additional information is provided below. Please contact us for information on other products and we will arrange for an advisor to contact you to discuss your individual needs.

Mortgage Protection and Income Protection Insurance:

One of the most important assets we have is our ability to earn so it is important to review your ability to repay a home loan should you or your partner suffer an illness or injury. These types of cover can pay a monthly benefit to you to ensure a comfortable level of lifestyle and that you can continue to meet your ongoing financial obligations.

Life Insurance:

This type of cover can provide you with varying payment options in the event of a death or diagnosis of a terminal illness. This would allow your loved ones to focus on the emotional recovery process instead of worrying about financial matters.

Trauma Insurance (Critical Illness):

This cover provides a lump sum payment for a specified serious illness. This could provide funds to aide in your recovery, or for you to spend on yourself and your family as you see fit, for example a holiday, or home renovations to improve your standard of living.

House, Contents, and Motor Vehicle Insurance:

These assets can often be very expensive to replace so to ensure that you are in the same position as you were prior to any loss, this insurance can be invaluable. Cover can be arranged for events such as theft, fire, and accidental damage to your significant assets and personal belongings.

These policies can also provide you with the necessary protection and peace of mind as a homeowner and can be arranged for you to specifically meet your individual needs.

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