About Us

Homies and why we started

About Us

homies was created as a solution to a growing problem where everyday Kiwis are faced with being priced out of the New Zealand housing market to buy their first home.

We aim to provide a platform where like minded individuals and couples can pool their savings and income together to own and live in their first home by becoming homies. This is a stepping stone for you to build equity, show evidence of regular mortgage repayments, and take advantage of any potential capital gains to be used towards your future financial goals.

With the housing crisis as it currently stands, homies can take comfort in the fact that “a problem shared is a problem halved”.

Once you have found your homie we will refer you to consultants who will provide you with professional independent financial and legal advice. Giving you all you need to get into your first home easily and stress free.


Our Team

The full homie team waiting to help you get your first home.


Dominic Lauese


Born and raised in Blockhouse Bay, and West Auckland. Of NZ Maori, Samoan, and NZ European descent Dominic’s goal with homies is to help Kiwis to get into their own home, which without intervention is almost unattainable for most these days. With over 11 years of people management experience in the financial services sector and contact centre industry, Dominic has a passion for customer service and will manage general queries should you need any assistance.

Email: dominic@homies.co.nz
Phone: 022 193 2266


Elliot Harrop


Born and raised in Blockhouse Bay, and West Auckland. Elliot is currently saving for his first home and is passionate to help others in a similar position to achieve their financial goals. Elliot is a graphic designer and artist by trade and as a hobby. Elliot has been heavily involved with the setup and launch of the homies brand design and homies.co.nz website.


Tim Houng-Lee


Born and raised in Blockhouse Bay, Auckland. Tim knows first hand of the difficulty of purchasing a home on your own. He overcame this issue by pooling resources with his two brothers and buying a property using shared ownership. Our resident ‘Chiwi’ with degrees in Computer Science and Psychology which come in handy for IT support and our algorithm.

Email: tim@homies.co.nz
Phone: 021 266 4340


Matt Naylor


Born and raised in Blockhouse Bay, and West Auckland. When on his OE he and other Kiwi friends were resigned to the fact they would never own their own place – ever. He believes this is a great way to get Kiwis ‘in the door’ to owning their own home. Matt’s career to date has been primarily in the insurance sector, and is regarded as a specialist in his field.